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Circuit Breaker Repair in Austin, TX

I had an awesome experience this afternoon with Dunman Electric. I was helping a friend install a Honeywell sunrise/sunset timer for her porch lights. I did not realize that one of the wires did not stay inside the wire guard so when we turn on the breaker switch, it blew the circuit breaker for all lighting and appliances (except for dryer and ovens). We did not realize that there was a main breaker panel. The woman who answered the phone at Dunman asked enough questions to figure out what we had done and walked us through the process of resetting the breaker switch on the main panel (including safety instructions). Since it was late in the day, this could have been an expensive after hours service call and I was elated that this was avoided by Dunman's OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE! If you need an electrician, I recommend this company.

Sharon C - Austin, TX 78734
Electrical Services in Cedar Park, TX
Very Professional. I called Dunman Electric late on a Friday and they still fit me in that day! Fast , professional and reasonably priced! Thanks Dunman Electric!!
Carolyn H. - Cedar Park, TX 78613
Electrical Services in Austin, TX
They are electricians - they do electrical work. They install lights, run electrical lines, fix outlets - electrical stuff. I use a cabling service for phones/computer lines. I use Dunman when I need a new outlet installed or a buzzy one fixed. Very professional and prompt.
Stuart B. - Austin, TX 78734
Electrical Services in Austin, TX
Dunman Electric is a great company to hire. They are cheerful both on the phone, and in person. They're honest in their dealings, and quick to provide service, and priced reasonably.
Ann M. - Austin, TX 78741
Electrical Services in Buda, TX
I found Dunman Electric technicians to be professional. They explained everything they were doing, and feel they completed the work in good time.
Jac S. - Buda, TX 78610
Remodeling in Austin, TX
After Dunman Electric finished a job for me I recommended them to some friends who are remodeling. They called me last night to tell me how pleasant their experience was while scheduling, and they are excited that their job will be completed by mid week. Thank you Dunman. Hiring a company to work in my home makes me nervous for many reasons. Dunman Electric puts my nerves to ease. They make sure the job is completed to code.
Dakota J. - Austin, TX 78745
Installation of ceiling fan in Austin, TX
I appreciated their hard work and their great customer service I received. I am very content with their work and how patient their electrician was with me as I asked a million questions on wires as he was trying to install a ceiling fan. I have dealt with companies that have lost the touch of customer service. They never faltered, even after I called repeatedly, I was given a courteous and patient response every time...I will be using them in the future. Thank you, again.
Michelle T. - Austin, TX 78757
New Thermostat in Austin, TX
I was very happy with the work that Craig did. I have an older house, with occasionally tricky wiring and he did a great job installing a new thermostat and moving a pendant (which required tunneling wiring through a solid beam). He paid great attention to detail and was very pleasant to work with. His wife Becky is very charming, professional and a pleasure to work with. The bill was very reasonable, exactly what I would have expected. Will have them back to do more work in the future.
Laura P. - Austin, TX 78742
Bonding Gas Line in Austin, TX
When my house was inspected, I was informed that I needed to have my gas line bonded. I was not sure how much this type of thing would cost. It really sounded expensive, but I also did not want the house to blow up, so I decided to call an electrician. I couldn't even get a return phone call from most of the companies I called. Very frustrating. Dunman Electric came to my rescue. They called me back within minutes of my call. The lady who answers is pleasant and knowledgeable. I'm used to most receptionists being clueless, so this was a great impression. I got my appointment for the day I needed and I met Craig. He arrived right on time. He was also considerate of the fact that I had to leave for an appointment shortly after, so he worked quickly. I like to know about the work that is done on my home. Since I don't have much knowledge in electronics, I had a lot of questions for Craig. He was so patient and was happy to oblige my curiosity about the work he was doing and other things that were off topic. Before he left, I asked him for an estimate on putting up security lighting for the house, which he was again more than happy to do. He quoted me a good price for 2 lights and wrote it on the back of his card and initialed it, so that I could have it for future reference. The gas line was bonded in less than 45 minutes, the price was half of what I expected, and I made it to my appointment on time. Looks like I have a new electrician. No complaints about this company from me. I received A-1 service.
Rc H. - Austin, TX 78757
Surge Protector Repair in Austin, TX
The surge protectors kept going on and off in the house, so I called the City of Austin power department to check and see if it was an Austin Energy issue. I thought it would be the next day before they came out, but to my surprise they came right out and determined that the left panel bar of the electrical box was weak (or something) and that it would it have to be replaced. They immediately cut my power and said I needed an electrician to replace the panel bar and an emergency work permit (if I wanted it fixed asap). Otherwise I could be several days with no power. I called my regular electric company and explained I needed the panel replaced and there needed to be an emergency work permit since I didn't want be without power for 2-3 days. Their response was that they could get a work permit but it would take several days. I repeated that an emergency work permit would solve the delay and the city employee (he even got his supervisor to get on the line with them) explained the steps to get the emergency work permit. They seemed unable to recognize that having no power was an emergency work permit situation. I recognized that I needed to find someone who could comprehend the situation. Using the yellow pages I found the ad for Dunman Electric with a bullet item "panel upgrade". Long story short, I called them and they understood what the electric problem was plus seemed familiar with obtaining the emergency work permit. Hallelejah, it was not a problem, the response was they would fax one to the city and the electrician would come that afternoon. Thank heavens I was sitting down. Brian from Dunman Electric did arrive and determined that none of the panels he had would fix my box (over 30 years old). I was seeing a long dark night ahead but he called the office and they went to the warehouse and got what was needed. He drove off to get the parts assuring me that he would return (there was doubt in my mind) and not only did he return but two other employees (Becky and Jennifer) came to assist him. It was dark by now and they were working by headlights. They got the power box fixed and did the additional work needed to bring our setup up to city code. The office staff had coordinated things so well that the city inspector arrived just a few minutes after the work was finished. The inspector gave his approval and then called the power department to come and turn the power back on. So our power was back on at 9:30ish the same day it was turned off. The staff conducted themselves in a professional and friendly manner. The company motto is "bringing light into the darkness" and that is what happened at my house; so, if you have an electric problem, call Dunman
Alice S. - Austin, TX 78726

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